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AEL Halloween 2003

halloween 2003 (8k image)
Saturday, 2003.10.31
The Santabear says, "Come to the AEL Halloween party before I further (rarrr!) terrorize you! Click on me if you dare!"

Check out the details here.

Posted by ccollins @ 12:23 AM EST 10/24/03: comments


Bye-Bye Bonnie & Matt

kickball (8k image)
Saturday-Sunday, 2003.10.03-04
Farewell to friends--Lotus Party on Sat. night and kickball on Sunday.

Check out the details here.

Posted by ccollins @ 06:11 PM EST 09/11/03: comments


Moonknight's B'day

cecot b'day (8k image)
Saturday, 2003.07.19
Come out and celebrate the glorious birth our beloved mooknight né Chris...when you hug him, go for the shoulder.

Go here for party info:

Posted by jzinn @ 06:31 PM EST 07/17/03: comments


(Feral) Parrots of Flatbush

parrots (8k image)

Saturday, 2003.06.21, 2 PM
Birds and BBQ. Watching the former and eating the latter. Come with us as we stalk the elusive, but real, feral parrots of Flatbush prior to sating ourselves on food cooked on a fire.

Check out the details here

Posted by ccollins @ 05:49 PM EST 06/10/03: comments


1000 yard stare

1000ydstare (8k image)

The music meisters bring it to you hard this Thursday night. Deep grooves and snarky beats your thing?

check it?

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fencing (10k image)

Yes...the AELers are doing it once again. Being enthusiastic about an activity...they are!

June 3rd...please come.

Wanna learn more?

Posted by jzinn @ 01:14 AM EST 05/28/03: comments


Tartan Day Party!

haggis (8k image)

Yes...there will be Haggis. There will be scotch. Steplin will be wearing a kilt!

Check out the details here

Posted by jzinn @ 07:09 PM EST 03/29/03: comments



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