Who are these activity enthusiasts and what do they want?

The activity enthusiasts league was started by a group of people who realized that they had a soft spot for planning, taking part in, and reminiscing about activities. They created the league to be a launching pad for projects of a larger scale with more people involved.

The types of activities the league is enthusiastic about can be quite diverse. Projects range from mail art (sometimes snooty) to digging ants (definitely not snooty). Field trips can be a trip to Vegas (decadent) to picnics (tame). The ethic is do-it-yourself...if you like an idea or field trip, run with it and make it happen.

If there is any common strand that runs through the activities it is that they are usually odd, idiosyncratic and quirky. Not "hey look at how weird I am," but projects that are slightly askew or different.

League Founders:


Name: Jeremiah Zinn


Email: miahzinn@monkeylove.net


Web Address: miah.activityenthusiasts.com


Interests: I like smelly fish, the whine of an accordian and sturdy mobile phones.


likes: walks on the beach and eskimo kisses.


dislikes: rude people



Name: Scott E. Teplin


Email: activity@teplin.com


Web Address: www.teplin.com


Interests: the snap of my teeth into the casing of a hot chicken-apple sausage, being on-time and leaving early


likes: drawings and a full glass of water next to my bed at night


dislikes: tardiness



Name: Cappy Collins


Email: cappy@inch.com


Web Address: cappy.activityenthusiasts.com


likes: progressive rock, ice cream, dark chocolate (NOT milk chocolate, which is a waste of precious time), theory AND practice, discourse, criticism, aesthetics, discretion, instigation, respsonsibility.


dislikes: sleep deprivation due to someone else's snoring


Miscellanea: I have performed on trapeze in front of a live audience. Seriously--I did a "bird's nest catch and return." And I was wearing tights. Do not fear me--I walk among you with benevolence.



Jack Casket (mr_satisfaction)


Email: jfc@spillway.com


Web Address: www.spillway.com


Interests: Being "Bootleg".


likes:Warm Fuzzies, Video Games, and Upside-Down Peach Kangaroos


dislikes: Cold Pricklies. Aggresive Simians with Weapons.



Name: Matt Rockman


Email: matt@doublemad.com


Web Address: www.doublemad.com


likes: 4/4 beats, double denim, free stuff, tall skinny drawings, jangly british pop


dislikes: tropical fruits, anything on CBS, buttoned sleeve cuffs, humidity, pleats