Herein one can view the official AEL Merit Badges available for all League members to earn. Badges with "honors" potential are indicated by a gold star.

A.M. Drinking

Consume alcoholic beverage between the hours of 6 and 11:59 A.M. to the effect of being at least "buzzed," as verified by one other Leaguer.

Honors: daring locations and conditions, e.g. during work, in a public place, etc.



1) Visit a bathhouse with at least one other League member
2) Partake of at least one sauna room, plus one steam room, plus one heated pool, plus one cold pool.
3) In a sauna room, one must be flagellated with vennik (the leafy branches). Self-flagellation or otherwise.

Honors: in-house dining/card-playing/armwrestling or paying for a massage from a sauna attendant.


CD Mixing

Participate in sanctioned League mix-making.



Attend and duel in a fencing class or tournament.


Feral Parrots

Spot a feral Quaker (Monk) Parrot while birdwatching in Flatbush.


Khyber Pass

Participate in multiplayer network gaming night at Cyber Place.


No Disco

Attend No Disco night.



Attend Tightrope night at Lotus.



Attendance at the UFO salon, or present report on UFO/paranormal activity.


Ultimate Frisbee

Participate in an AEL-sanctioned ultimate game.